Introduction to brand
Capital Overview

Franco Saudi Finance is a company specialized in the field of global asset management and investment solutions in accordance with the provisions of Sharia and based on the highest ethical standards. We provide our clients with a range of investment solutions through a dynamic process of distributing assets across its various categories in order to achieve strong, risk-adjusted returns.

With its headquarters in Jeddah and subsidiaries in Riyadh, Luxembourg, London and Dubai, Franco Saudi Finance provides a comprehensive investment vision for the local and global markets.

Franco Saudi Finance obtained a license from the Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2009. We started our business through four activities: Arranging Investments, Managing Investments, Advising, and Custody.

In 2012, the company obtained a license from the Capital Market Authority to amend its business list by adding another new activity, which is dealing as principal and underwriting. Accordingly, we proceeded to expand our capabilities in four areas:

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• Management and preservation
• Consulting services

Franco Saudi Finance's investment philosophy is based on three core principles: principles, partnership, and performance.

Our strategies aim to provide strong performance to our clients, including institutional owners, family offices, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, high net worth and experienced investors.

Franco Saudi Finance offers its clients access to its extensive investment expertise, as well as the expertise of more than 100 specialized managers, general partners and advisors.

Our investments span developed and emerging markets by investing in income assets that provide short or long term stable income, in listed or private equity and real estate across a variety of sectors. Our relationships with our clients are characterized by trust and continuity, as we currently oversee more than $5.9 billion in total assets under management based on our proven track record.

Franco Saudi Finance has three locations outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:


Franco Saudi Finance Luxembourg is a money management company regulated by the Financial Sector Control Commission (CSSF). Franco Saudi Finance Luxembourg is the asset manager for Franco Saudi Finance's global funds that launched in 2012 and quickly became the largest platform for specialized Sharia-compliant investment funds in Luxembourg, with assets exceeding $1.8 billion. There are currently 17 strategies under this platform (10 liquidity strategies and 6 private funds).

Franco Saudi Finance Luxembourg launched the new UCITS platform in 2021. UCITS stands for Collective Investment Undertakings in Convertible Securities and is a regulatory framework that allows the sale of mutual funds across Europe.


Franco Saudi Finance UK Limited is the main hub for the company's international real estate team with support from the Luxembourg platform and Jeddah offices.

The London team monitors and advises all aspects of property investment for our clients, including principal and opportunistic investments in a range of properties in primary and secondary markets in the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.


Franco Saudi Finance Management Limited is headquartered in the Dubai International Financial Centre. Franco Saudi Finance Management Limited provides advisory services on all aspects of the company's direct equity mutual funds. The team currently oversees five funds with assets exceeding $300 million and aims to invest in high growth companies in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.